It all started as a hobby which led to a dream, then reality.

It all started to when I was a teen with really bad acne. I had 3 different dermatologists and tried endlessly of over the counter treatments to try to "cure" my acne but it seemed that everything that I tried either didn't work or made my problem even worse. So when all hope was gone and there was nothing else for me to try out, I started to do my own research online on how to clear up my acne. That when I became a home remedy addict. I noticed that everything that you buy from the stores have some sort of harsh chemicals and preservatives that aren't good for your skin. So I decided to go the All natural route. Simply by using only All natural ingredients that are known to be beneficial to your skin. I decided to start making soaps, since I wanted to make my own face and body wash with the ingredients of my choosing, knowing what's going on and into your skin is very important to me. While making soaps I can also get to show my artistic and creative side. I make my batches of soaps using only all natural ingredients. I combine all natural butters and oils in amounts to create a great product for you. I do not and will never add any type of chemicals to any of my products. I also try to provide the best service that I can to my customers and want to make sure that you get a product you can truly enjoy. I love sharing my soaps with family and friends, and I hope that people from all over the world can enjoy them as much as I do. I look forward to doing business with you!